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MegaSubmit To 795,000+ Search Engines
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To 400 Only $29.95


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Basic-400  $29.95

1 Web Page submitted to  400+ "Cream-of-the-Crop"  Search engines/indexes.
Only $29.95 (USD)

Super-8,000   $79.95

1 Web Page submitted to  8,000+ "Cream-of-the-Crop"  Search engines/indexes.
Only $79.95 (USD)

Deluxe 8,000 Packages

Up to 2 web pages submitted to 8,000+ sites  for $89.95 (USD)
Up to 2 web pages submitted to 100,000+ sites  for $199.95 (USD)
Up to 2 web pages submitted to 300,000+ sites  for $299.95 (USD)
Up to 2 web pages submitted to
795,000+ sites   for $399.95 (USD)

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