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Our Guarantee... (and a few Search Engine TIPS)

TargetMan Website Promotions guarantees that we will use the information that you provide to submit your web site to the top engines "cream-of-the-crop" directories, search engines, yellow pages, etc. in a detailed, timely, and professional manner. To ensure maximum exposure, our professionals carefully perform each submission on an individual basis. In the unlikely event that a mistake is made on our part, TargetMan Website Promotions will make any and all necessary corrections. However, TargetMan Website Promotions cannot be held responsible for mistakes or inconsistencies contained in the information provided by the client.

TargetMan Website Promotions will submit your web site to the proper number of directories purchased. However, we reserve the right to make substitutions when technical difficulties are encountered. For example, occasionally a server may be unavailable or off line for extended periods.   Your report will provide the site titles to which your web site was successfully submitted.   For a sampling list of our Hot-List you can visit our "Directories List" For the URL's of most sites that we submit to please visit our "Big-List"

Please Note: Every effort will be made to follow our search engine lists as described on this site.   However, TargetMan Online Promotions reserves the right to substitute any site on the list(s) when necessary due to technical difficulties such as server not available or off line. Of course, TargetMan Online website Promotions cannot guarantee inclusion into any directory/search engine index as this is controlled solely by the directory owner.   However, we do utilize a hand picked list selection out of our 1,000,000 sites.   This will greatly increase the odds of your acceptance in at least 90% sites when purchasing our submission options and acceptance in at least 90% sites when purchasing the any submission option.    The acceptance and rejection factors of search indexes are based on many variables, which is why it is most important to obtain submission services of an experienced professional such as TargetMan Online Promotions.   (Do Not be fooled by hidden promises of other submission services who do not reveal such information.)

Other Important Notes:

  1. From the time of submission, most sites will require 2-3 weeks to index and list your URL. However some may take as long as 6 weeks.
  2. Many directories such as Yahoo have editorial control over the web site listings. TargetMan Website Promotions can make recommendations as to description and placement. However, the directory has the final say as to which category(s) and listing(s) are provided.
  3. Submissions to search engines typically consist of your web site title and URL. The search engine then sends out a robot or spider to scan your web page and extract what it perceives to be the description and keywords.

When you purchasing any submission service, search engine relevancy regarding keyword and HTML coding enhancements should be considered and can help your listing.  It is important to have your web site set up properly so it can be easily found in each search engine's database. These and other tips will help but can not guarantee top placement.

You may purchase TargetMan Website Promotions any of our Cream-of-the-Crop Search Engine/Index Submissions online.   Simply fill out our order form with your site details and billing information.

We accept Visa   and MasterCard.

 Home | Prices | Directories |  Order | Guarantee

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