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Did you know that signed photographs of celebrities can be worth a lot of money? Let me give you some examples. A signed photgraph of Madonna is worth over $700. Mike Tyson would fetch around $500. Sean Connery $400. The Pope $800. John Travolta $150. Cindy Crawford $200. These are examples of prices that some dealers would charge collectors.

The remarkable thing about autographed photographs is that in many cases you can get them for free. All you need to do is send a nice letter. Famous people know that to maintain their popularity they must respond to their fans' requests. So a signed photograph which only cost you the price of a stamp may be worth several hundred dollars.

Collectors around the world pay good money for autographed photographs but in most cases are too self conscious to write off for them themselves and get them for free.

There are thousands and thousands of celebrities around the world. By celebrities we mean actors, actresses, sports stars, politicians, famous musicians. Virtually any person who is well known is worth writing to. By sending off just ten or twenty letters a day you can start to earn a substantial part time income.

Remember, even people who are not well thought of such as OJ Simpson and Adolf Hitler (yes, I know he's not around anymore!) are worth a lot of money.

So how do you get their addresses?

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Alternatively Film stars can be contacted by writing to their production company. Sports stars can be contacted by writing to their sports clubs. Musicians can be contacted by writing to their record company. You will also be surprised how many addresses you can get by just visiting your local library or contacting directory enquiries.

How do you ensure that you will get a reply? You can never be 100% certain that you will get a reply, however there are certain things that can be done to greatly increase your chances of receiving a positive response.

  1. Send them a present - it doesn't have to be at all expensive.
  2. Enclose a stamped addressed envelope or if writing from overseas an international reply coupon
  3. Keep your letter brief
  4. Write clearly and neatly
  5. Try to include the following:-
  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Explain why you admire them
  3. Wish them every success
  4. Explain you are sending them a small gift
  5. Explain that there is absolutely no need to reply back but if they could perhaps send you an autographed photograph you would be most grateful and you have enclosed a stamped addressed envelope for their convenience.

The quickest and easiest way to sell your autographed photograph is to a dealer. However you will only receive about 30% of retail value. Nevertheless you will be making good money for something that cost you virtually nothing.

You can try selling them to auctioneers or advertise and sell them yourself.


Happy Hunting!

A signed photograph of Marilyn Monroe is now worth about $20,000.

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