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Web Hosting: Selecting the Right Host!
Choosing a web hosting company is a very personal decision based on your own unique needs. Web hosting is what places your website into the World Wide Web, where anyone can access to it 24 hours a day. In other words, without placing your site onto...

Webhosting for blogging - free or paid service
Blogging is an abbreviation of "web-logging". The simplest definition of a blog is that it is an online log that is organized in reverse chronological order. It comprises of comments, declarations, links, or anything else of interest to the blog...


Top 6 ways to promote your web hosting business Part 2

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Here are the following three methods that can help you improve your web hosting business. These three are targeted towards the service you provide:

1.By offering some kind of special offers you can literally see your traffic soar. You can make a special offer reducing the price of the bandwidth to half, if the price for 100 Mb would be $10 you could make a special offer to $5. This way the customer would save $5 and this is a thing a lot of people are interested in.

For a good profit special rules might need to be applied, like an offer being available for monthly payments only. This might not be a good idea since some potential customers might stay away because they want to prepay for a longer period.

This method might not be good for you but it's good for the customers and if you will allow the customers to pay in advance that will bring in more customers.

2. Offer Huge Discounts.
Offering discounts is just like the special offers, the customer saves money by ordering a package that has a discount on it, like save 30% if you purchase the hosting for 6 months. Offering bigger discounts will give send you more customers.

Make sure you don't offer to many discounts since you do want to make profit.

3. Give Bonus with every order.
This one is very good and is very easy to do it for your company. You could give a good bonus for purchasing anything. There are many things that you can give as a bonus, from a special template to a special e-book that the customer might be interested in. Make sure it's something of interest for the customer. Would be good to give the bonus after payment has been made and the account created so you wouldn't get scamed if payment isn't made.

This is it, these are the last three ways that can help you get new customers to your web hosting business. Use them and watch your business grow.

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