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It is time to become a web hosting reseller

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As we know the web hosting industry is a multi billion dollar market that has became easy and automated which enables anyone to offer high quality web hosting services without spending a lot money so if you buy a reseller hosting package today then you will be running your own web hosting company overnight in the same time estimating the sure profits that you will make.

Everyday people from all over the world start new hosting companies by buying a reseller hosting package from a hosting company .There are many reasons which make people start hosting companies and the following are some of them but are not limited to.

Add more value to your current business .

Adding a web hosting service to your current business will add more value to it.No matter what kind of business you are in you can add web hosting service to it.

You will be able to offer many different services to your current customers including the most important one which is web hosting because everyone wants to have a site online these days for many purposes.

Increase your monthly income.

When you add web hosting service to your current business then you increase your monthly income by 100%. Lets suppose you have 200 web design customers who spend $5.00 per month for web hosting service which you outsource to a web hosting company .

And now by calculating what these customers of yours spend the outsourced hosting services then it will be $1,000 .So as you can see you are losing $1,000.

Wouldn't it be better if you offer them your web design service plus web hosting service and increase your monthly income by 100% ? Sure it is.

Even if you are not a web designer and have another service that has nothing to do with hosting but still you can offer hosting services to your current customers in the same time increase your income. So add web hosting service to your current business and see your income souring.

Set your own prices .

When you buy a reseller hosting package and start your own web hosting company then you will be able to set your own prices and be your own boss. You will be able to charge your customers what you want . Bill them the way you want.

You can even offer free hosting to whoever you want to offer .
Also can set lower prices compared to the prices of the hosting company which you bought the hosting reseller package from in that way you can get many customers in no time in the same time make profits.

Set up Customer accounts

Before I started my hosting business I used to get hosting for some of my web design customers from a hosting company which was good .

But there was one problem which was about the account activation time and I found that a big problem.They used to activate accounts within five business days !can you believe that? If I knew that it will take all that time to activate account with them then I wouldn't have bought any hosting package from them. I think you see the point.

Having your own web hosting company lets you set up customer accounts instantly or whenever you want .You will not have to wait some hosting company to set up your customer accounts instead you will do it by yourself .It is your company and you are the boss.

No need to worry about getting customers.

Whenever someone stars a hosting company the first question they ask is "How will I get customers"? Even though most of those people have some ready customers like friends etc but the question still is being asked.

But you don't need to worry about getting customers because you already have customers.For example if you are a web designer then your current web design customers will get hosting from you so that means no need to worry.

Of course not only web designers have ready customers for their new web hosting service but anyone with any business that has customers have also ready customers for his new service which is web hosting.


These were some of the main reasons which make people start their own web hosting companies . So it is time for you to add a web hosting service to your current business and get your share from this muli billion dollar industry .

If you don't know what to look for in a reseller hosting package then make sure you read my article which is titled "Six main things to consider when buying a reseller hosting package" .

That article has some of the main things you should consider when you are about to buy any reseller hosting package. Until next time good luck with your new web hosting company .

About the Author

Abdillahi Abdillahi is a web designer, founder and president of http://kooshin.com , a company providing affordable web hosting and web design solutions to small to medium sized businesses and individuals. For more information , please visit http://kooshin.com


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