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Weblinkhosting.com, Web hosting prices slashed due to competition.
Today, Weblinkhosting.com has announced and unveiled a new array of hosting plans that are designed to better meet the needs of the consumers. The plans that they have created are listed here: Power-LINK - Host One Domain (Sale Prices Starting at...

It is time to become a web hosting reseller
As we know the web hosting industry is a multi billion dollar market that has became easy and automated which enables anyone to offer high quality web hosting services without spending a lot money so if you buy a reseller hosting package today then...


A Simple Guide to Web Hosting

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Personal Computers, Servers Or ISP?

You need a server to host your site so that it can be viewed over the internet. This server can either be an Internet Service Provider or of your own. Most websites are hosted by an Internet Service Provider because they can provide powerful server hardware, high speed connections and reliable server support.

Most providers have very fast connections to the Internet such as a full T3 fiber-optic (45 Megabytes per second) connections which is about 1000 high speed (56 Kilobytes per second) modems combined.

For those who are looking to set up their own servers and host their own websites, a personal computer is often not powerful enough to do the job. As the name suggests, a personal computer can hardly handle multiple visitors to your website- servers are needed to handle these visitors simultaneously.

Getting Your Web Hosting

There are thousands of companies that offer web hosting for your website. Which to choose and what to look out for? With the multitude of features and terms in each hosting plan, it can be puzzling for those who are just starting out. The golden rule in choosing your website: Nothing beats reliable web hosting. Many web hosting plans offer more space, more benefits than others. The decision to your web hosting should be based on reliability. We have seen too many disappointed website owners who chose benefits and space over reliability.

About the Author

Lester Boey works in an Australian Web Design and Internet Marketing company -Australian Seo and Web Designs Services - http://www.definiteweb.com/
His life revolves around websites; providing full-time and freelance seo services to US and Australian businesses. Email: projects@definiteweb.com


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