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Choosing a Health Insurance Quote: The Best Bang for your Buck
Most people get a series of health insurance quotes when shopping around. Everyone requires health insurance of some sorts, whether you are single, married have kids or are a student – and quotes help narrow down your options. However, the process...

How To Save Money On Health Insurance Premiums Using HSA's
Opening a health savings account (HSA) can save you hundreds on your health insurance premium and help pay for out of pocket expenses and deductibles. Anyone younger than age 65 who buys a qualified health insurance policy with a deductible of...



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People buy health insurance for different reasons. The following are ten of these reasons. Please look them over and consider which reasons apply to you and which do not. This will help you to evaluate what type of health insurance will best meet your personal needs.

(1) Health insurance can protect you from the risk of uncertain bills for health care.

(2) Without health insurance, you may not be able to afford expensive services.

(3) Health insurance can pay for services that you use often.

(4) Health insurance can help you to get better quality care as a member of a coordinated health plan than you would get on your own.

(5) With health insurance, you do not have to worry about the cost of care when you are sick.

(6) The additional money provided by affordable health insurance when you are sick may be more valuable to you than money when you are well.

(7) If you have more dependents than most people, then you may get more out of a family policy for health insurance.

(8) If you or your dependents have more health care needs than most people and you only pay an average premium, then you get more from health insurance than most people.

(9) You do not pay income tax on health insurance benefits so it is more valuable per dollar than the same amount in taxable pay.

(10) Health insurance companies generally pay lower prices to doctors and hospitals than you would pay on your own.
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