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Understanding Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
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Student Health Insurance

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Health insurance is increasingly important. With the rate at which medical expenses have continued to rise over previous years, and the reductions in government funded health care programs, being without health insurance is less an option today than ever. Many young people have never had to think about health insurance as their parents have always taken care of this aspect of life for them. But for many kids setting out for college, health insurance is one thing you can't afford to forget about. Be Aware

Everyone has specific health care needs, and young people often make the mistake of thinking they, as a group, do not need to worry about health care. While statistically, students may not be the biggest health care users, there are any number of unplanned events that can lead to you needing health care. If you don't have insurance you'll regret it. These can range from driving and sporting accidents, std's and other illnesses, and travel insurance needs. Whatever your specific needs, you might want to consider investing what's on offer as part of student health care plans. They will often provide the right balance between protection and affordability that students are looking for. Many students when they head off to college go out with the HMO network of their parent's insurance plans and this will be another reason to investigate student health insurance. Many schools and colleges will have some form of insurance available if students require it. You will have to pay of course, but often, because of the amount of insurance they buy, they can negotiate better deals and prices than you would otherwise be able to find.

They can also have terms and coverage that suit you and the activities and needs you are likely to experience most closely. As with all insurance though, shop around. Just because it's your college's plan, doesn't mean it's the best option available to you. There are as many insurance plans, as there are customers these days, so you should see what's available and make sure you are getting something you want and need before you hand over your money. Health Insurance

In other cases, your school will require you to have some form of health insurance. This may be a condition before you can enrol. If you cannot afford a full traditional health plan, a student insurance plan may be more affordable and will allow you to meet your school's insurance requirements.

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