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Health Insurance 101 - The Basics You Need to Know!
Health insurance is a legal contract between two or more parties that promises certain performance in exchange for considerations. A health insurance policy is considered a unilateral contract. This is because only one party (the insurer) is...

Short Term Health Insurance
If you are between jobs or are awaiting another health insurance policy to come into effect you may find that you have a gap in your health insurance coverage. This period is a high risk as you are effectively uninsured when it comes to health...


Instant Canadian Health Insurance Quotes Online

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Canadians can now conveniently shop for Canadian individual health insurance and dental insurance online.

There are instant personal health quotes, which allow you to compare dental, health and drug plans from leading Canadian insurance companies.

No hassles, no fuss!

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I'm the webmaster for HealthQuotes.ca, which is a very unique, Canadian insurance brokerage.


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Student Health Insurance
Students often wonder if they really need health insurance. It seems like a reasonable question when you are young and healthy and seemingly invincible. After all, almost everyone who knows how to access the health care system is provided with basic...

Affordable, Comprehensive Health Insurance: How to Get What You Need
Affordable, Comprehensive Health Insurance: How to Get What You Need Your health should be your most important life concern; after all, your life depends on it. But it's difficult to maintain good health without adequate insurance...

How To Choose A Health Insurance Plan
Are you thinking about buying health insurance? With so many different alternatives, it is difficult to know which to choose. When choosing a health insurance plan, never base your decision solely on the monthly premium. There are many other cost...



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