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The rising costs of Health Insurance
Recent United States Census Bureau figures show that approximately 85% of Americans have health insurance and that roughly 60% have employment related health insurance or as individuals and that various government agencies provide health insurance...

Health Insurance - Comparing Health Insurance Plans
Health insurance coverage can be very confusing. The majority of Americans are able to get some sort of group health coverage through their employer, which makes the process very simple. Do you want the coverage or not? Yes, I want the coverage. But...


Health Insurance Facts and figures

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Millions of Americans in 1999 without health insurance: 43
Percentage of Americans in 1999 without health insurance: 16
Biggest group of uninsured workers: Childless single workers
Percentage of U.S. population with employment-based health insurance: 62
Percentage of uninsured Americans who work or live with workers: 80
Percentage of uninsured workers who work full-time: 71
Percentage of uninsured workers who work part-time: 29
Percentage of uninsured workers in firms with fewer than ten employees: 25
Percentage of uninsured workers in firms with more than 100 employees: 43
Percentage of uninsured workers who earn less than $7/hr: 43
Percentage of uninsured workers who earn less than $10/hr: 69
Cost of a typical family coverage policy in 2001: $6,800
Annual income of a 4-person family at 200% of the poverty line in 2001: $35,300
Percentage of familyís $35,300 income needed to pay for insurance: 19
Percentage of familyís $35,300 income needed for insurance with $2000 subsidy: 14
Percentage of uninsured workers with low incomes (below 200% of poverty line): 59
Percentage of uninsured workers whose employers donít sponsor insurance: 59
Percentage of uninsured workers who arenít eligible for their employersí plan: 21
Percentage of workers in retail whose employers donít offer insurance coverage: 61
Percentage of workers in construction whose employers donít offer: 63
Percentage of workers in manufacturing (durables) whose employers donít offer: 91
Percentage of workers in professional services whose employers donít offer: 80
Percentage of workers in personal services whose employers donít offer: 46
Size of firms least likely to offer health insurance: fewer than 10 employees
Percentage of full-time workers (more than 35 hours) offered coverage: 85
Percentage of part-time workers (20-34 hours) offered coverage: 43
Percentage of part-time workers (less than 20 hours) offered coverage: 20
Percentage of poor workers in single-earner families who decline offer of coverage: 25
Percentage of high income workers in single-earner families who decline offer: 5

Adapted from Workers Without Health Insurance: Who Are They and How Can Policy Reach Them?
Bowen Garrett, Len M. Nichols, and Emily K. Greenman, The Urban Institute, 2001.

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