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Where to Buy Printer Ink
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Are you looking for a printer that will not only print you text but can also give you a high quality image?

Before buying or using a printer, you should know what quality you are going to get. Image quality depends on the paper and the printer that you are going to use.

Printers are divided into two categories, impact and non-impact. Impact printers refer to printers that touch the paper in order to create an image. Non-impact printers are those that do not touch the paper when creating an image.

Dot matrix and character printers are impact printers. A dot matrix printer has a series of small pins. These pins strike a ribbon that is coated with ink. When the pins touch the ribbon, it transfers the ink to the paper at the point of impact. Character printers are just like typewriters, only that they are electronically controlled. The characters are transferred to the paper by an ink ribbon that is struck by letters or numbers embossed on a series of bar or ball.

Non-impact printers include laser and inkjet printers. Laser printers use a dry ink or toner, static electricity and heat to transfer image onto the paper. Inkjet printers have nozzles, which spray drops of ink directly on the paper. Other printers that belong to this group are solid ink, dye-sublimation, thermal wax and thermal autochrome printers. But they are not discussed on this page. We are going to focus on inkjet printers.

Inkjet printer is the most popular printer used today. Take a closer look on a document that was printed through an inkjet. You will notice tiny dots, smaller than the diameter of a human hair, that are positioned precisely. These dots have different colors.

It is the only printer that comes close to laser printers and is now becoming a rival to stand-alone photo printers. Since inkjet is now capable of printing high quality text, illustrations, drawings and even photos, it has been identified as multifunctional printer or MFP.

It was evident that an inkjet printer (MP780) uses the same ink as the iP4000 photo printer. They both have 1856 nozzles and can print small droplets. Basically, the results are the same. However, MP780 produce pixels that are noticeable and can only print on a specific paper size.

If you are planning to buy a printer, list specific qualities you would want for a printer. Also consider the purpose and nature of your work. If your work includes mainly of printed photos or other images, a stand-alone printer would be the best tool. But if you have to print documents containing both text and drawing, use the inkjet printers. Whatever printer you have, you must know its capabilities and drawbacks.

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You may wonder why I write articles. Besides from the fact that itís my job, I used to write short stories when I was younger. I think it would be helpful if I said Iím a big fan of Zach de la Rocha and Rage Against the Machine. This would explain my own views about a lot of things. Their songs were about national issues, politics and human rights. They support the American Indian Movement and Che Guevara, the face you see on t-shirts. Not that it concerns me. I only like their music and idealism.

Iím not an artist, Iím not a poet. I just love writing anything I want. I wasnít born a genius, I just want to know and understand something I donít. I like to find the difference between similar things. Itís like counting birthmarks on each identical twin.

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