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How do printers compare
If you plan to go shopping for a new printer, there are several key features you want to consider before making your purchase. Inkjet or Laserjet? The two most popular types of printer technology are inkjet and laser. Whether you buy online...
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From the printers point of view


Customers requesting for printing quotes from printing companies get frustrated by the sometimes long process of getting one. They tend to complain about the services that these companies provide either by the time it takes to order one and the time it also takes to have them. This is from the customersí point of view.

Let us hear it from the printing companiesí side, for a change. Like the clients, these printers also experience aggravation while dealing and doing printing quotes. It would just be fair to say that both ways problems are encountered. What are the things that these companies have trouble with in printing quotes?

Incomplete and incorrect details. Customers sometimes forget information needed in order for the procedure of a quote to be complete. An example is giving of wrong email addresses. Imagine working on a complex job given by the client and rushing with it just to have it finished and ready. Then sending it by the given email and having it returned because it is the wrong address. Another is no contact numbers supplied for the companies to call when they encounter things that needed clarifications.

Not specifying products needed. Giving the specific amount or quantities would help these printers a lot and they would not have to wonder about what to put into your quotes. Specifying also what kind of printing process you need is one way of assisting these printers compute for the expenses that will have to be paid.

Talking it over. Sending orders from emails does not guarantee that the clients have been thorough and clear about what they want. Sometimes talking personally to these printers would mean an accurate understanding of what needs to be done. What is a short telephone call to them anyway compared to avoiding misunderstandings and hassles?

Not adding extensions to delivery time. Quotes that you need urgently do not guarantee that these printers can do it as urgently as you need them to be. Giving them enough time to go about your quote makes it more credible. If you want your quotes to be done thoroughly and efficiently, give them time to study and polish it for you.

Put yourself in the printersí shoes. Try to be these printers and think about your request. Is everything clear and understandable enough? Are your preferences possible or almost impossible? Think like them for a second and get to know what you may be missing.

Expect a confirmation. If you do not get one, then that is about the right time to start complaining.

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Florie Lyn Masarate got her first article printed in the school newsletter in the third grade. Her hobbies include reading any book she can get her hands on.


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