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Please Check The Publications That You Want Your Ad(s) To Be In (Below).  Then Check the payment amount also below (found on right of form).
AdSheet Resource Magazine O/L
GiftWorld Income Magazine O/L
BigMail Express Magazine O/L
BizSearch Magazine O/L
Circular Mailers Wealth Magazine O/L
Collector's ShowCase Magazine O/L
Discount Advertising Resource Mag. O/L
Flea Market Dealers Magazine O/L
HomeMoney Magazine O/L
HomeMoney Newsletter Magazine O/L
Home-Income Cities Magazine O/L
International Dealers ShowCase Mag.O/L
INTERNET Mail Order News O/L
Mail Order Drop-Shippers Magazine O/L
Mail-List SourceBook Magazine O/L
Mail-Order Central Magazine O/L
MLM-Network Connection Magazine O/L
NATIONAL Mail-Order S & P Guide O/L
Self-Publishers MarketPlace Mag. O/L
Shoe-String Business Magazine O/L
Small-Biz Freebies Magazine O/L
WholeSalers SourceBook Magazine O/L
Writers & Publishers Connection Mag.
World-Trader Connections Magazine O/L
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